Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Organisation structure design is dead!

This blog has recently been focusing on web / enterprise / HR 2.0 but the reason that I've called it 'The New Social Business' is that I want to focus much more widely on all the other non-technological factors and activities which are supporting and enabling major social changes in the workplace.

So I was interested in an article in this month's Harvard Business Review on Managing Corporate Social Networks (Adam Kleinbaum and Michael Tushman).

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  1. I become uncertain whether there's anything new here: It has been well established at least since Lawrence & Lorsch' work in the 1960's that you need to combine specialisation with integration (e.g., cross-functional networks). Moreover, this is in no way an argument against the value of organisation design! Organisation design should be about finding the right design, whether that includes formal or informal mechanisms. And, there will continue to be many cases where only a formal restructuring will resolve a company's challenges. If you are interested in this topic I will during the next weeks and months publish a number of blog posts on organisation design.


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