Wednesday, 18 June 2008

CIPD: HR's use of web 2.0

The CIPD have published a short, initial discussion document on 'HR's use of web 2.0 for strategic business impact' (disclosure: I bid for this work but didn't get it).

The report includes case studies provided by Pfizer, 3 government departments and T-Mobile.

I'm pleased to see that the CIPD recognises that web 2.0 provides 'the potential to change the way people interact and work' which 'offers HR a new way of making a significant contribution to an organisation's strategic and operational goals'.

However, I'm not sure the report offers much to help us do this (and to be fair, I don't think that's its objective either).

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  1. Jon,

    I agree with your comments. A holistic People, Process, Technology and Data solution is what separates Enterprise 2.0 from just Web 2.0 tools. Enterprise 2.0 presents excellent opportunity for HR organizations to directly support business goals by enabling group wisdom, co-creation, efficiency, learning and development, to name few.


  2. Well put, John Ingam. The social web is not a threat, it's a true opportunity for enabling leaders and employees to cooperate and join forces for creating values. However, far too many corporations are stuck up in a 'protect our business idea' mode. That's a brilliant way to slow down creativity, production and outcomes.

    Let the people speak and share. Power to the people.

  3. You're right Jon. Ask not about the technology, but what the technology can do for you. That's Marketing 101.



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