Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Leading into the networked world in professional services / legal firms

This morning, I spoke at an event on the impact of the networked world in professional services (with a fairly heavy emphasis on legal firms) organised by Winmark’s network for firm managing partners, NetworkMP (as well as some representatives from their Marketing Director and IT Director networks.

The event was chaired by Phil Williams at Rocketseed.

We started with a presentation by Phil Walker, VP at Capgemini, who talked about he main trends impacting professional services. One of these is that everything and everyone is connected (although this only applies to developed economies – 60% of the world still needs to be linked in). Relationships within the connected world are increasingly important and need to be nurtured – this requires person-to-person interaction as well as via a computer. Capgemini have introduced ‘talk to me on Friday’ - in which people who are in the building are encouraged to talk to each other rather than sending each other an email – and which has led to other networking activities for example, coffee clubs.

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  1. Thanks for putting up your thoughts on yesterday's event - all the speakers were very thought provoking and I left with lots of ideas, and the realisation that online social networking has huge business potential. This post marks the start of my education (although I've had to have 2 goes at it having failed the first time)! I took the opportunity of a management meeting this morning to pass a few thoughts on and have already had a colleague tell me that as a result he has finally joined LinkedIn, having previously ignored several invitations
    to do so. Thanks again.


    Jackie Reiss
    Partnership Director
    Collyer Bristow LLP solicitors

  2. Thanks Jackie, I'm pleased you enjoyed the event (thank you again for hosting) and sorry you found it difficult to comment. The wordID thing is a real pain and I hate having to complete it when I comment on other blogs, but the spam is unbelievable otherwise.

    Hope this isn't a problem for anyone else, and that it doesn't put others off commenting. If you do have difficulty, do what Jackie has and email me instead (


  3. I also thought Wednesday's event was excellent. Thanks for an inspirational presentation, Jon and for the summary above. I have now revitalised my LinkedIn membership. I've also joined LinkedIn's Legal IT group in the hope of getting lots of exciting contributions to Legal Technology Journal! I hope we can speak again and I'd also be very interested to hear from any delegates about their firms' adventures into Web 2.0 or any other exciting developments in Legal IT.

    Joanna Goodman
    Legal Technology Journal

  4. Jon, thanks for a great presentation, I felt we covered a lot of ground in a short time. I have suggested to Winmark they follow up with a practical how to session to translate some of this insight into tactical, useable 'quick wins' focussing on tools available and more case studies; watch this space. I am reading a great book right now called 'True professionalism' by David H Maister which talks about how PS firms can improve their effectiveness and use web 2.0 technology to support this.

  5. Thanks Phil,

    I also recommend Maister's blog, although this is currently suspended.

    You'll also find links to hiw new book and podcasts there.


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