Thursday, 24 April 2008

Recruitment 2.0: Head farming vs head hunting / Heidrick & Struggles

Another thing that came up in both Singapore and Dubai was head farming. I've already posted on this briefly, but develop on the idea here (it also explained further in my book, with a case study from Ernst & Young).

Basically, instead of waiting for a particular vacancy to arise, and then needing to find a particular individual who might fit (as in traditional head hunting), search firms and employers can work out who it is they want, establish relationships with these people, and then wait for the right opportunity (based upon particular business needs - but also the career needs of the individuals concerned) for the person to join the organisation.

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  1. Sorry, I thought I'd explained in this post and particularly my HCM blog post that I linked to:

    But basically whereas head hunting involves looking for someone at the time they're required (as hunting does for food), head farming grows relationships to provide someone at a later date (so more like farming than hunting).


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