Sunday, 10 August 2008

Ubuntu / Changing social thinking


Although this blog focuses on developing social capital in businesses, much of the learning that can be used within organisations comes from society at large.  And there's an interesting speech by Michael Gove on the Conservatives website, explaining how the party's social policy is designed to deliver progressive outcomes.

It refers first of all to Bill Clinton's use of the Bantu word Ubuntu which, broadly translated, means 'I am because you are'.

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  1. ".... social reform needs to be based upon something more radical then just economic incentives":

    I agree. Have you considered how organisations might conduct a social capital audit?

    Last week I met someone whose wife had just returned to work with a major blue chip employer after maternity leave. On day 2 she was expected to work a 12 hour day. He said the company did not have a clue what family life was like.

    How might social capital in organisations be measured? Could there be a report on it in the organisations's annual report and accounts?

  2. Thanks for your comment, Nick.

    That would certainly be a very positive outcome of this project.

    I suspect any measures / reports would need to be largely subjective and maybe based upon the sort of value chain I discuss in

    But I certainly hope to provide some further ideas about what is important and needs to be measured within each of the steps in this value chain.


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